Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pizza Stalking Makes Me Happy

I don't consider myself a fatty, but I do like my pizza a whole lot, and I especially like it when Domino's tells me how far along my pizza is in the pizza making process, and exactly when I'm going to get it, and who is going to deliver it! It's too good to be true! This is how it went down: I order a pizza from my nearby Domino's, the phone order lady tells me to track my pizza. track my pizza?! what is my pizza doing that I have to track it?! Anyway, I go on dominos.com to get to the bottom of it, and enter my phone number under the pizza tracker tab and bam! there's my order. The tracker shows where your pizza is on a 5 step timeline: order placed, prep, bake, box, delivery. I refreshed the webpage continuously for a good 30 minutes until I saw that my pizza was safe and sound in Mohammed's car on the way to my house. Thank god...I got a little nervous there for a little bit when my pizza was loitering in the box stage. Anyway, you read it right - they tell you your delivery guy's name! While calling Mohammed by name when he knocked on the door might have weirded him out (Apparently not everyone monitors their pizza's every move), I think we bonded. Way to go Dominos! Your pizza isn't that tasty, but you sure as hell know how to pizza stalk. 

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