Friday, November 7, 2008

Non-Potential Friends

Look, I know Kindles are old news, but I just recently saw two people with it in the subway and I just can't understand why you'd own such a thing. You are still holding a big, chunky instrument, so why not hold a hard cover (or soft cover, for that matter) book, that has some sort of substance to it? I mean, if you like to read, don't you get joy from buying (or borrowing) books and knowing that between those covers lies a great story? Scrolling pages on a screen will never resemble the real thing, no matter what Kindle-makers say. Needless to say, Kindles make me angry. And those who buy them, and use them, are non-potential friends in my book. Similar to guys who wear backwards visors.


Fred said...

These things are awesome. Don't hate, son.

Norma said...

Agreed! Nothing can be compared to the excitement of browsing through all the books in a bookstore, flip through the pages and choose the one you like. I mean, feel the book in your hands! Well, you drive a car, you watch TV, you ride a bike (let me avoid an endless boring list here) and you read a book (a real paper book)