Monday, November 17, 2008

Literate Dating, Eharmony, they've got nothing on "silent dating." Well, at least if you like to meet people via cute, square paper notes. According to their website (, this is for the set who are tired of "yelling" at your potential target at you local bar. So instead, they pass along little notes, perhaps even "mischievous" notes, as their website describes it. Now, I hate yelling at people at bars, but I also enjoy talking way too much to just focus on writing lame notes back and forth. I thought this might be a good idea at first - after all, it is a guaranteed way to keep me from telling the story of my life on the first date. And it's always much easier to write "your gold pinky ring grosses me out, back off" than to say "hey, your gold pinky ring grosses me out, back off." All in all though, your voice and most importantly, your intonation, says a lot about who your are. Give it a try tomorrow: take a joke someone makes and try different ways of saying it in your head. I'm telling you, a joke can go from awesome to lame town USA in a second. Let me know what you think of the quiet parties, oh, and check out these photos (click on photos and quotes) and let me know if you see a common element among the clientele.

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Fred said...

This seems like one of those things that's good in theory but not in practice.