Saturday, May 9, 2009

Crying Japanese Babies

A competition held in Hiroshima where giant sumo wrestlers get little babies to cry. The baby that cries the quickest and loudest wins. Japan, I think you are taking it too far, no? I've been accused of having a Japan obsession, but with content like this, a girl can't help herself.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Edward Scissorhands Gets Laid Off, Gets a Hobby

"Today, I constructed my own wolverine claws then I proceeded to pounce on cardboard boxes like a baby cat all day long, because nothing says power like cutting through a box."

I can watch :26 all night long and not get tired of it. This man built fake wolverine claws (problem #1, unless you are a wolverine or have a lawn and gardening business), jumped off a kiddy trampoline (problem #2), catching approximately 2 feet of air, and landed fist first into his lethal target, a cardboard box (problem #3). I'm not suggesting you slash a human to make this more life-like, but at least put those claws to good use and tear up that god awful couch.