Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Oh someone is down..."

Watch as New York's PIX 11 reports on these crazy women during Filene's Running of the Brides and half way through, their camera man catches footage of one of them on the ground. The reaction is priceless. I was at Filene's Union Square yesterday, one day after this fiasco, and the fitting room attendants told me they had to blow off some steam after what they had gone through with the brides. What method did they choose? They were using the store intercom to page celebrities - just while I was in the store, I heard pages for Cameron Diaz, Sylvester Stallonne, and Sean Combs. Each followed by a burst of laughs from Filene's staff. Thumbs up to you Filene's staff - I like it!

On a separate note, This video makes me very sad to be a lady.

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Emily said...

I agree with you, it just seems so sad and pointless. I remember trying on wedding dresses, and not every style looks good on every body type, not to mention size! I can't believe these women are just grabbing whatever they see.

And didn't people learn from the trampling death at the Walmart store at Christmastime?