Sunday, March 8, 2009

Butt Implants Make it Big on Local TV; Reporter Loses Control

If you have a tiny bum, I'm all for butt implants. However, I am not all for having butt implants as headliners on local news. Actually, what am I talking about. This video is beautiful insanity at its greatest. The reporter completely loses control, which is perfectly understandable with the b-roll the station decided to air. Why on earth did the implantee need to keep poking at it to demonstrate the problem?
Why not jut buy yourself some of these?


Emily said...

OMG that is so disturbing!

And WHY would someone pay so much to have a bigger butt?!?

julia said...

eww! stop that woman!!
mariana, where the hell do you find these things? lol

MMR173 said...

I'd pay to be part of the camera crew who went to get this footage. Can you imagine keeping a straight face as that woman continued to poke her weird butt implant!?