Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cruise Ships: Ai ai ai!

What is the deal with today's cruise ships?! It seems like every other day someone is jumping off a balcony, "accidentally" going overboard, poisoning themselves with cocktail shrimp, and last but not least, being attacked by modern-day pirates. Aren't cruise ships supposed to 
be a haven for sun-burned Midwesterners looking for all-you can-eat seafood, 24-hour gambling and pina coladas? Looks like cruises have become just about as safe as a circus motorcycle show. Below is a summary of some cruise-related, high-seas hijinks from the past year for us to reflect on:

Last time I was on a cruise, it was only 1 hour long from Miami to the Bahamas and the "Entertainment" was a man who just kept calling everyone in the audience a "poopoo head." I'm not a toddler, so I didn't get the joke. If this guy is still "entertaining," I might have an explanation for why people are jumping overboard. 

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