Thursday, February 5, 2009

Katie Hearts Weezy

His name starts with a lil’, he has a syrup addiction and accidentally shot himself in the chest while watching a Biggie music video and holding a hamburger when he was kid. He’s also happens to be a rap genius, and thanks to yesterday’s interview with Katie Couric, I now know that me and Lil Weezy unexpectedly have a lot in common. I also know that this public relations goldmine of an interview makes me (and apparently Katie Couric too) want to put insane and perverse Lil Wayne in a BabyBjörn and carry him around town.

When did you get so cute Weezy?! Anyway, below is a chart highlighting how me and Lil Wayne were basically separated at birth:

Now that I look at it, maybe most of our similarities stopped in middle school when he started buying guns and I started investing in underwire bras. By the way, did anyone catch him calling Katie Couric his boo?

Can’t get enough of Weezy? Check out his latest interview in GQ.

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